Finished Objects: Malt & Barley

The fourth baby blanket is done! 



I'm so excited... 
Not that I didn't love knitting it because I did. 

But it's the fourth one since August and that's a lot of baby blanket knitting. 

a lot. 

I finished it last night in my room at the Saratoga Inn on Whidbey Island. 

This morning I started a newborn hat from the same series of patterns by tincanknits on Ravelry. 

It's called the Simple Collection and it's wonderful. 

Its for those learning to knit. 

For me I found it relaxing and a wonderful back to basics set of projects. I plan on making more from the collection...  

a lot more 

So this morning and afternoon I started, knit, and finished Barley in a newborn size. All I did was go down to a 5 and 7 needle for the smallest hat size and started my decreases at 3.5 inches instead of four. 

The blanket pattern is called Malt and I used sized 8 needles. 
The yarn is KnitPicks Swish Bare Worsted. 100 % superwash merino wool. 
It feels wonderful. 
It looks wonderful. 

Its for my cousin and his new wife who are expecting their first baby... 
My cousin's dad, was always my favorite uncle. I miss him a lot. I haven't seen my cousin in many years but his wife and I have connected and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to knit this for him. I always loved with Craig and Leigh came to visit with John and Pat. 

Loved it. 

So a lot of this is for Craig and Melissa, but there is a small part where I thought about my Uncle John while I was knitting it. Thinking how excited he would be. How much he would love Craigs wife. 

That's one of the best things about knitting. All the thoughts, memories, and love you put into an object. It's not just stitches and time. It's also what and who you think about while you're knitting it. 

I thought about my Uncle and his kids, my cousin and the new family he's starting, and thus this blanket is full of love and happiness. 

Congratulations you two! as soon as this bad boy dries I'm putting it in the mail!



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