Oh, the weekend...

This was Sunday morning during the Seahawks game.
Post Murder Mystery Dinner Baby Shower.
Post the not so hot pink but highly drinkable Barbie punch.
Post cake that is not appropriate content for this blog.
Post Friday night hockey.

It was a fun weekend
If you've never had a murder mystery party I highly recommend it. I had never done one and when we got rolling Saturday night I couldn't stop laughing.

We had so much fun with mystery part and then we celebrated the new baby who will be here in December...

The cake was awesome.
I saw the picture and sent it to Lisa as a joke. Lisa's husband sent it to Clint as a joke. Kim and Clint were excited that the cake I sent, which was horrifying, was awesome and so glad it was going to be their cake!

But like I said... Not appropriate for here.
But use your imagination... It has to do with birthing...

Vicki did an amazing job with it.
It was delicious.

Sunday I crashed. I knit and kept my feet in the 'up' position all day.
I finished my Age of Brass & Steam. It's just waiting to be blocked. I'll probably do that tonight... Or tomorrow.
I cast on a pair of Dancing Bamboo socks from the book Pints & Purls.
I've made them before, they are wonderful.

Happy Monday all...
I'll post about the ABS tomorrow :)


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