weekend rewind

So as everyone knows I went on my annual retreat with So Much Yarn to Whidbey Island. I didn't take as many photos as I wanted but then again I was pretty busy knitting...

So without a long dialoge, here are the photos from the weekend, we had a blast!

view from the parking deck, looking at the Silver Cloud in Mukilteo... Mom likes to stay here.

crossing paths

Little knitting in the car on the ferry. the crossing to whidbey is sho short I rarely
get out of the car and go up on deck.

My room was ready when I arrived so I set up shop! Vodka, tonic, limes, ibuprofen, reeses
and water...

looking out towards Saratoga Passage

Measuring the blanket to see just how much more I had to go...

the conference room becomes the mobile yarn shop, optional knitting area, and my friend
Terry used my laptop to watch a cast-on tutorial...

These we're all over first street and I love them... I think I need a few
in my front yard.

Friday night I picked up some ravioli to go from Village Pizza. Hands down
it was the best ravioli ever.
and I've had ravioli in Italy.
this was better than that!


Terry working on a bulky open work lace scarf!

MaryHelen finishing the body of her Knitting Pure and Simple Tunic

Early Morning knitting on my brothers hat (which is to big so I'm keeping it for me and starting a new one for him)
Saturday dawned with high winds the blew the leaves around me in a movie like swirl, swells on the water, power flickering on and off... a perfect day for knitting by the fire, drinking coffee and catching up with old friends.
This tree is off my deck, looking down first street...

Langley Public Library

another pretty tree off my deck, Saratoga Passage and Camano Island

The housekeeping staff enjoys dressing up the bears with our knit goods if we leave them laying on the bed... I should knit some small socks next year and a bear sweater for them to play with...

My room. I feel safe saying that since it's the room I get EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Lunch on Saturday was a quick run down to the store where I grabbed some curry chicken salad and a six pack of Stella... then I hunkered in my room, watched it storm outside and watched a movie while I knit.

I doubt it comes as any surprise that my knit kit has a bottle opener in it... bought on my first
retreat five years ago.

back to the dining room with MaryHelen, Kathy, and Terry for snacks, drinks, and knitting.

Terry and I had an early dinner at Prima Bistro Saturday night. We headed down about 5:30 and I snapped this photo of the knitters in the living room of the inn all knitting, chatting, sipping tea, and basically having a great time.
For dinner at Prima (not pictured because by the time I thought of it I had already inhaled half of it) Lamb Chops with a grain mustard lavender sauce, polenta wedge and braised greens followed by truffles from Mona's in Langley.

Saturday Night, settled in my room, listening to the Silvertips and running the chat room on Ravelry for the America's knitting group...

I had so much fun. Last year my mom came with me and I missed having her with me this year... Don't worry she was having plenty of fun where she was but it wasn't the same without here this year so I put her on the list for next year and told her she has to come. I should email G and have him put it on the calendar so he'll not book her out...


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