an anniversary of sorts...

It's the 13th anniversary of the day my life changed.
It was a glorious event.
It's not something I talk about a lot.
Only with people who really know me, know what I'm talking about.

Sorry to be obscure.

It was this event that was a turning point my relationship with my mom.
It was this event that lead to D and I transitioning from roommates to husband and wife.

Since that day I've made choices in my life for the better, not the easier.
I changed the path I was wandering and ended up in a better place.

I owe a lot of those changes to D.
I owe a lot to my mom as well...  
I owe a lot to me.

I made a decision 13 years ago that was the best I've ever made.
It saved my life.
It created the life I live today.

again, sorry for obscurity but for me I had to document the day somehow.


Linda Cannon said…
It is always nice to share that there are very,very good things that happen in your life. You do not need to give the details, Just the fact that it is an important and fulfilling day is enough. Hugs
Carmel said…
thank you Linda!

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