Dear Mr. Santa Claus: A Boxer Boy Christmas Wish...

Dear Mr. Claus,

How are you?
I am doing fine.

As you know I've had a rough fall.

The blackberries were delicious but if I had known I'd be wearing this crazy thing on my head for eight weeks I might have re-thought my initial plan to taste them...

I've spent my entire allowance on vet visits, medicine, pill pockets and duct tape but other than the scratched eye, I've been a really good boxer boy this year. Just ask My Girl, she'll tell you. She loves me. I know this to be true becasue she puts food in my bowl twice a day and sometimes gives me bits of whatever she's eating.

I know last Christmas I blew it with the cupcake incident but I think I paid for that plenty once My Girl found out what I did.

And I know I ate the expensive bed that My Girl bought me and it made her really mad... but I think she was more worried about all the foam I ate.

Don't worry, she got it out, that stupid turkey baster full of peroxide again.

I know My Girl would like me to sleep through the night but I wake her up becasue I worry she forgets about me when she's sleeping.

Sometimes the man lets me sleep in the bed but those are special occasions when he is feeling jolly...

So, here is my simple wish list.
I know Gabby got hers first but we all know what an over-achiever pleaser she is...
She hoards the toys too.
Just saying.

Mr. Brown's Christmas Wishes

1. pumpkin dog biscuits
2. mequite bbq dog biscuits
3. apple pie dog biscuits
4. mini milk bones
5. molasses and peanut butter biscuits, the ones with a paw print on them.
6. a box of chocolates to bribe Dr. Baxter to take my cone off.
7. A new cone if #6 doesn't work out
8. Large Milk-Bones
9. New Hockey Puck
10. Steps to make it easier to get on the big bed.
11. new sleeping pad. I promise I won't eat this one.
12. box of kleenex (it's my favorite snack)
13. A case of peroxide for My Girl
14. A new turkey baster for the man.
15. assorted biscuits from the bulk bin at the fancy dog store.
16. A new pool noodle for play time

It's not much but it's all close to my itty bitty heart... 

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
Mr. Brown

p.s. Maybe if you think about it you could put a shot of whiskey in my bowl when you stop by? they keep a couple bottles in the cupboard above the fridge. the man got a fancy bottle that i've been wanting a taste of but he hasn't shared any with me yet... i think he's hoarding it.

p.p.s. i enclosed my picture so you could see how handsome I am. My girl always says how handsome I am. do you think i'm handsome?


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