Dear Mr. Virus,

To say that your arrival Monday afternoon was a surprise would be an understatement.
I was shocked really.
You've always had horrible timing but this really takes the cake.
Not that I can eat cake, thank you very much. Ever since you landed I've had trouble swallowing.

It would be nice if you could check your calendar and match it with mine for future visits.
It's the Christmas season. It's literally 7 days till Christmas Eve.
I have stuff to do, and entertaining your infectious arse isn't on the list.
I have a houseful of people to prepare for this coming Saturday.
I have a dinner on Christmas Eve to prepare
Plus I have a Christmas Brunch and Dinner to prepare on Christmas Day!

Really. could you have picked a worse time?
I have gifts I need to get shipped
I have gifts I need to finish knitting
I still have to invade the mall and do a little Christmas shopping.
spending all day with you yesterday trying to convince you to take a hike was a wasted day and none of what needed to get done could get done.
You literally zapped me of all my energy.

It's not fair, it's not nice, and I think you've overstayed your welcome.

It's time for you take your leave.
I don't have time for you right now.

C. McSickypants.

p.s. please return my voice before you leave.


Linda Cannon said…
I cannot believe that you got sick, Poor You, Hope you feel fetter soon.

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