randomly on a friday...

1. I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and there was none of the predicted snow. Woke up again at 4:00 a.m. and it was everywhere.
2. My stupid butt made the drive in to work, thinking all the way down 525, 'this is a bad idea, i should turn around, what was I thinking, you're an idiot' and every off ramp I looked at to turn around was covered in snow, so I powered thru and made it Seattle.
3. It's supposed to turn to rain later.
4. The Christmas gifts for the Minnesota Contingent has been mailed and should be en route.
5. Boxer Mom of the year award will not be going to me. I forgot to check the box of MilkBones for peanut butter biscuits and accidentally gave her half a one...
6. This is what happens when Gabby eats peanut butter anything:

I gave her 75mg of benadryl and it cleared up in a couple hours

7. I started the first of the last 6 of gifts to be knit by Christmas.
8. The viral infection seems to have moved from the right side of my throat to the left.
9. I have about 900 things to get done between now and tomorrow night at 6:00 that includes buying enough food for two holiday dinners.
10. I'm still amazed I made it to work.


Mary said…
poor Gabby - that looks painful

Are you sure you feel up to a house full of peeps?
Carmel said…
absolutely! It just hurts in my throat. Otherwise I feel great :) I'm sure it'll be better yet by tomorrow!
Linda Cannon said…
So sorry for Gabby. Looks painful, poor baby, and you are not a bad Mom.
Hope your sore throat goes bye bye soon. No fun being ill at Christmas.
Carmel said…
throat is doing much better today! thanks Linda.
Gabby is also much much better thanks to the benadryl :)

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