Wishes Do Come True...

Mine and Mr. Browns!
He wanted that blasted cone off.
I wanted his eye healed.
Yesterday both our Christmas wishes came true...

Best day ever.
10 weeks in a cone is a long time for both dog and the dogs human...

I texted this to D after the appointment:

'He was so funny at this visit...
Every past visit he would fight getting the stain on his eye to see if there was still damage, but this time he just flopped down on his side with the injured eye right side up, put his paw in her lap while she put the stain in, rinsed it, and took a look at it with the blue light. When she was done, he stood up she pulled the collar off and he gave her a kiss...'

I was so stunned I didn't get a photo but it touched my heart. He loves his doctor and her assistant Sherry. It says a lot about the dog/vet relationship when you can see the dog trusts the doctor not to hurt them.

Merry Christmas Mr. Brown!


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