As in yarn beast.
This shawl cosumes yarn
I'm keeping it clear of the stash lest I come home and find it gone.
In 3 days it consumed a whole 220 yards for one section.
I'm stunned.
I bought an extra skein of grey and am realizing now that it won't be nearly enough.
Not even close to enough.
I have to go back to the yarn store.
Not that that's going to be a problem for me.
Maybe a problem for D.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to rent studio space to block this beast.
I don't know that our king size bed is big enough.
Plus I don't think I could convince D that we have to sleep in the guest room for a couple days.

I know that bed isn't big enough for  blocking this monster.

I can't wait till it's done.
I've always wanted a worsted weight blanket.
I just went about it in a different manner.

I think this shawl will be great for early Saturday mornings waiting for the heat to kick in.
Traveling on planes when it gets chilly. I could wrap up the whole row with it.
I bet it'll fold into a very squishy pillow.

I guess I'll wind up that second skein tonight and get started on the last and final section.
I'll have to get the back up skein soon.
I bet 5 rows will wipe out 220 yards right now.
I have 2 stockinette rows to go and then the final border.

Then the bind off.

Should we take bets on how long it'll take me to bind off?
Point of reference. When I bound off my Citron Shawl it took me 45 minutes.

I think this will take me an hour.

What do you think?


Ludmilla said…
Beautiful shawl. I see your patience and talent in every stitch.

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