Finished Objects: For the Kiddos

It's been Seahawk Crazy around Seattle lately...

I mean prior to us winning the Super Bowl it's been 12th man overload all over Seattle and surrounding areas.

It's been awesome.

It's a Seahawk love fest that extended to the knitting world.

Myra at Fancy Image Yarn in Shelton Washington has been dying up hank after hank of her Seahawk DK Merino.
I received my first skein as a gift for Christmas!
Thanks again Mary!
I made a pair for myself.
A pair for baby LOL with pink toes.
Well K wanted a pair as well, minus the pink toes.
So on the mini yarn crawl a week ago I grabbed up two more skeins and cast on his socks. I also grabbed a skein of cascade 220 superwash sport as a contrast.

The pattern I chose to use was Lumberjack by TinCanKnits.
Pattern size ranges from baby to adult.
It's easy and fun and created a perfect fitting pair of socks for K.

The Bonnet:
I made this over two years ago. It was supposed to be a gift for another little girl but it got put away and forgotten.
Well I found it a couple days ago and thought 'i should really block this and finish it, but I need some ribbon'

opened my desk drawer and whoa, brown ribbon with pink hedgehogs that sparkle on it.
I bought this about 7 months ago.

crazy right?
I found them both about the same time and they compliment each other perfectly.
I blocked it Friday night.
At the hockey game I frantically knit and knit and knit to try and get K's socks completed.
Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. I grafted the toe together on the second sock. 
Saturday after the early morning run-a-round I got home and hand stitched the ribbon to the bonnet.
Packaged them up with some chocolates for Kim and delivered both!

K is LOL's big brother.
They both wore their Seahawk socks during the SuperBowl.
I'm pretty sure all that hand-knit Seahawk love is what helped us win.

The pattern for the bonnet is Siofra by Stephanie Pearl McPhee
The yarn was Dream in Color Smooshy Neoplitan colorway I think or maybe I'm making that colorway up, it reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream when it starts melting in the bowl.

Ribbon was purchased at Pacific Fabrics. A store local to Washington State.

I love both these projects so much... Especially since they went to two of the little's in my life who I adore!

Happy Tuesday

I was introduced to a new app called Waterlogue that will convert your pictures to look like a watercolor painting
So obvioulsy I've been obsessed with it! 


abbeyroad said…
Carmel, your new picture is just gorgeous! I love the colors. I will have to check out the Waterlogue.

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