Weekend Rewind:

Saturday dawned bright and early for me and the coffee wasn't brewing fast enough.
I had a casserole to make before leaving the house at 7:15 to drive Gabby down for her biannual senior wellness, bloodwork, and general look over. Her pain level of course is always top if the list, and while the pills are helping, she could use a little more. So we started a cold laser therapy.
I think she likes the safety goggles.

I like that after the first treatment I can already tell a difference.

After the vet, which took two hours, I attached the ribbon to this bonnet I knit two years ago, packaged up Kyle's Seahawk Socks, grabbed the casserole, hopped back in my wagon and was off to wander the back roads of Snohomish.

Race season is right around the corner and I needed to not only deliver knit goods I had race parts to deliver.

Then there was my teammate from the 3Day's baby shower! Yay!! I promise your blanket will be done before BBKII arrives!


We topped the night with a hockey game!

Sunday was all about the Seahawks and as you can see we broke out the champagne and crystal to toast the Seahawks first SuperBowl win!!

Isn't LOL adorable in her bonnet?
K loved his socks, they were slippery and he made quick work sliding all over the hallway I'm told!

More details about the bonnet and socks tomorrow! I'm exhausted just thinking about Saturday all over again!


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