I don't know what karmic cosmic angels were flitting around today but they led me to the coffee aisle at the grocery store.

More specifically it led me to the international moments.

Which led me to thoughts of my grandmother.

I loved her.
I knew deep in my bones that she loved me.

Grandma loved her International Moments coffees.
Just smelling them.
Holding the tin (though it's different now)
Brings back memories of being with my grandma.

She said these were her special treat and she'd make one for me to.

Grandma made the best fresh blackberry pie.
I know they were fresh because when she came to visit us in Bellevue she'd make us help her pick blackberries.

She was the master of Christmas cookies, chocolate chip cookies and raspberry freezer jam.

I make freezer jam from time to time and it reminds me of summer visits to Boise. Helping grandma in her garden, making sun tea, and smelling her roses.

Sometimes, I buy a tin of International Coffees Cafe Vienna and remember those evenings when grandma would put the kettle on and make us her special treat.

I think about her everyday.

'Don't grow old' - Juanita Jarvis


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