A Good Yarn, Sarasota Florida

Remember the movie 'Beaches' with Bette Midler.
*side note, I'm a huge Bette Midler fan
When her friend was dying, Bette went to visit her at a beach house and that beach house was in Sarasota.
From that point on I've wanted to go to Sarasota.
Of course the movie came out 26 years ago... so maybe the dream of going to Sarasota had dwindled but every time Sarasota has been mentioned I think of that movie and the beach house and I think...'I bet Sarasota is perfect'

Fast forward 26 years and in that time I;
still love Bette Midler
Have learned how to knit
Had a mom who moved to Florida.
Moved within 2 hours driving of Sarasota
and look
Sarasota has a yarn shop
according to the hive mind on the American's Knitting Ravelry Group, the yarn store is Fantastic!

It truly is...
If I was in Miami I'd find a way to get there for the day.
The staff are amazingly helpful, and happy, and kind, and you feel like you're walking into a shop that just wants to wrap you up in that happiness...
There was a huge table by the front windows and it was jam packed with a weekly knitting group.
Those ladies were having a rolling good time and if there had been a chair open I would have plopped right down with them.
However, I was distracted by not only the amazing knit samples of projects. The beautiful skeins, balls, hanks, and swatches of yarn were calling my name. Mom's too, I lost her for a bit among the wooly goodness!

The best part of this shop for me though was the knit coral reef.

A whole reef.

I'm definitely going to be knitting some things from this reef.

I'm definitely going to knit some Jellies!
Mom and I both decided that A Good Yarn in Sarasota will become a annual trip for us every time I visit!
If you are in Florida and you are within 3 hours driving of A Good Yarn, do it. You won't be disappointed.

Watch for turtles crossing the highway though.
Seriously I almost hit one and if the speed limit was 70 mph in Florida and people weren't driving 85 I would have stopped and made my mom help me turn little Yoshi around and head him back to the swamp... *he wasn't little he probably weighed about 100lbs)

A Good Yarn
7418 S Tamiami Trail,
Sarasota, FL 34231
(941) 487-7914
You can also find a link to the shop here: America's Knitting has a map of all the yarn shops in the US!

A little bit of Churchmouse (Easy Folded Poncho) action going on here


 After you spend a good 2-3 hours shopping, oohing, ahhing, and groping yarn you need to head over to Phillipi Creek Village for lunch. Eat at the place with a huge clam shell photo op in front, order a Landshark Lager and a fried grouper sandwich with fries. Then order another Landshark and enjoy the view of the water, the pelicans, and the possible alligator sighting.


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