Fair Isle in Five...

Five days that is...
Even I'm surprised.
It's incredibly addictive.
You just want to keep knitting upward to get to the next color section and pattern to see how your choices are going to meld together.

I took Sheila Joyne's 'I can't believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting' class on April 12. The second class is April 26 and we were supposed to have the ribbing on our hats done.

Apparently I'm a Fair Isle over-achiever

So I started my house on the 15th and finished it the 20th.

This past Saturday we went to the horse races and I knit the entire anchor section while enjoying a few a lot of beer and picking horses to bet on... I picked about three and D was nice enough to go and place the bets for me.

It was after I finished the anchor section that I saw in Sheila's pattern instructions that she suggest using markers to divide up each repeat.

That would have made it easier for certain, but I really only had to back it out a couple times and only a few stitches at that...

I finished it off yesterday.

All that is left is weaving in a hot mess of ends and a light blocking, really more of a relaxing bath followed by some drying in the middle of the living room...

The mornings and evenings are still chilly enough that I can still get some wear out of it before summer!


Anchors A Weigh by Sheila Joynes
Yarn: Cascade 220 Fingering
     Main Color: Magenta
     Contrast Color 1: Granny Smith
     Contrast Color 2: Orange Sherbet
     Contrast Color 3: Cerise
Needle size 3

You can see more progress photos here on my Ravelry Project Page


Linda Cannon said…
I love your outcome. Fair Isle is addictive, especially when doing hats, it goes pretty quickly. What fun.

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