Finished Object: Linden Mitts & a Mini-Rant

I think it's possible
that I have finally have all my ducks lined up

better move fast
ducks don't stay lined up for long

Here is Part 1 of like a gazillion posts to tell you about the past two weeks.

The Finished Linden Mitts:

I joined the Jane Richmond Linden Mitts KAL
It was perfect.
The pattern was perfect
I had the yarn called for in the pattern.
I have been wanting to knit and own fingering weight mitts for a while.
I think Jane Richmond is perfect. Her patterns are classic and beautiful in their simplicity. Fun to knit in her little details.

The pattern calls for Felici Fingering or Sport by Knit Picks... Unfortunately Knit Picks has discontinued the Felici line, not quite sure why. Everyone loves it... but I digress. Knit Picks and their discontinuing of my favorite yarns will have to be for another post, because I am hot about it.

Back to the Mitts.
I love them.
I may never wear them because I love looking at them so much.
The colorway is Minty. It's perfection.

Once again let me express my irritation with KP for discontinuing yet another of my favorites from their yarn line.

Okay... So here are the Deets
Pattern: Linden Mitts
Designer Extraordinairre: Jane Richmond
Yarn Required: Fingering or Sport

I chose fingering, 1 ball of felici self striping in Minty

Needle size: 2

Took me two weeks, which was the entire lenght of the KAL
my second thumb is a little bit long but who cares. I'm just going to hold them and touch them anyway...

Wanna see them?
Of course you do.
You'll love them too...

Stupid Knit Picks...
How could you discontinue this beautiful colorway!

Tomorrow: My visit to A Good Yarn, Sarasota Florida and why everyone should go!


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