Inside Look.

My Knitters Brain is pretty dominant.
I usually go to a yarn store with a specific project in mind. I know the yarn I want. I know the notions I need.

I give myself small pep talks the whole way.

I walk in.
I grab the yarn I want.
The notions I need.
Then I turn around to head to the register and I become mesmerized by color, texture, and possibilities.

Oh the possibilities of a well rounded, well stocked yarn shop.

On the car ride home I give myself comforting talks on how to explain the 3-9 extra skeins that usually end up coming home with me.

I didn't go to a yarn shop last weekend but I did organize my stash a bit. Which is a lot like going to a private yarn shop.

Two partial balls got set aside in my big bowl and I've been eyeballing them all week.

Yes. I know what you're thinking.
Yes. I have had therapy. Not necessarily for this...

Yes, I have four projects in various stages of almost to not-even-close completion.

Yes I have signed on for some secret knitting.

Yes I'm taking a class tomorrow in fair isle knitting and thus casting on another new project.

And yes, I'm casting on a beret with these two colors because my brain won't let me not do it.


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