Random Pictures

From my trip to visit mom... Sorry if some of these have been repeated.

These little birds were so funny! Their little legs moved so fast. Mom and I couldn't stop laughing at them...

Mom's friends sent her a set of plastic flamingos as a joke. She stuffed them in a closet where I found them, grabbed one and spent the rest of the week moving it around her garden. It's currently between two fountains in the pool. If she wants to get rid of it she either has to go into the pool or maneuver along the ledge and hope she doesn't fall in the pool.
I'm a great daughter.

Morning knitting with coffee

afternoon knitting with something that's not water.

Prime realestate, and I'm not talking about the yellow house.

mid-day knitting

I took two pictures of my husband on our trip. This is the first one.

Knitting a linen and cotton poncho for mom at the beach. Linen and Cotton fibers are perfect hot humid weather knitting because they don't get sticky.

I found this on our morning walk... of course I had to pick it up and bring it home.
I did crack it open. I'm sure it's part of the coconut family but when I hit it just right with the hammer I was doused with about a cup and a half of water inside it.

this tree is weird. The flowers are right up my alley and I think the way they bloom is the hard acorn looking part peels back to reveal the anenome like center... I'll have to study them closer next time, I don't know how long it takes this nut to crack.

We arrived in Florida on Saturday morning. It had been raining for almost a solid 2-3 weeks in Washington.
This was my first sunrise on Sunday morning.

Oh Sun, we had missed you so I almost didn't recognize you.

I took this picture at home but this is what I came home with from A Good Yarn Sarasota.
Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Snapdragon on the left and Lorna's Laces Fingering Weight in A Good Beach, specially dyed for A Good Yarn.


Mary Neill said…
I love the beach.....

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