The Stash Dive

My yarn stash goes back years.
It's grown over the years.
That stint of working at So Much Yarn for a little over a year really gave it a boost.
Mom's find a couple years back of all the cashmere, merino, and silk in the basement of a consignment shop gave it a super boost that still makes me dizzy to think about...

I remember everything most of the stuff I buy and why I bought it.
There were a few that I questioned my grasp on reality when I picked it up.
There was more that I said 'Oh, I remember when I bought you, don't worry, you'll still become something fabulous'

Last night I had to dive deep into the stash.
Really deep.
I told D I was going in and that I might be a while.
He told me to put up a beacon so he could find me if I didn't make it out.

I was looking for the 6 skeins of Ultra Lite Alpaca I bought four years ago to do a colorwork pattern that I never got around too... I didn't even have the pattern but I knew I had those six skeins and I want to make Kate Davies hat Peerie Flooers for M and I thought maybe, just maybe that yarn would work...

so out of the closet all the tubs, crates, and Ziploc baggies of yarn came.

D was off somewhere in the house, steering clear while I was happily rummaging and singing to myself and the dogs when all of the sudden I shouted out;


Then I hear D chuckle from wherever he was hiding...

Not only did I find the yarn (I knew exactly where it was) in the back bottom of the bottom bin in the back of the closet, they were the perfect colors. I tossed in a ball of Knit Picks Palette Mist as the background color and just couldn't contain my thrill...

It's perfect.

So as long as we are on the Fair Isle Ride you should know that America's Knitting is doing a Fair Isle Along. A Knit-A-Long for all things fair isle.
You can hop over to the America's Knitting Ravelry page or Facebook page and sign up!

Here are the pertinent details
Starts: May 1
Ends: June 30
Project: Any fair isle project you choose but it has to have a minimum of four colors
All finishers by the 30th get their name in a hat and a winner will be drawn to receive something fabulously delicious from my stash (Ravelry) or Mary's (Facebook)

Also, Mary has some new shop coverage up at America's Knitting, check it out!!



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