Friday, May 16, 2014

40 Years...

today is the day. 
Today I've officially knocked down 40 years. 
40 years ago today I was born. 
I met my mom for the first time, and my dad. 
I met my older brother. 
I was in Wyoming at Big Horn County Hospital. 
I flew to Seattle with my family a few days later. 
In 40 years I; 
have traveled to many places with my mom and with my husband 
learned who I am and who I want to be 
have friend who I cherish more than anything 
have loved many many dogs, cats, and other random animals that have crossed my path. 

right now, at this time in my life I am in a great place and I wouldn't change it for anything. 

So while today is my 40th it's also the 40th anniversary of the day I became my moms little girl. 
that's pretty cool 
Happy Friday 


Mary Neill said...

Happy Birthday Carmel!! I just loved all your photographs. Enjoy this special time with your Mom. Love you, Carmel~

Melanie Drescher said...

Happiest Birthday wishes coming your way, Carmel! Thanks for your fun photo's. So glad you're at a great hotel in PB celebrating with your Mom. Can't wait to see your photo's and your stash additions from this trip! Thanks for all the fun you bring to life & knitting! Melanie

Linda Cannon said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!! Love all the pictures, life is an adventure, Really love the pictures of you in the mud, such a true kiddie pic. The ones with you and your Mom are really special. Hugs and kisses.

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