California on my Mind... Part I

Have you ever had a vacation so amazingly wonderful that you just couldn't bounce back into your 'real' life?

That's what I'm struggling to do right now... bounce back into my normal routine which does not include;

ocean views
valet parking
nightly turn down service of your bed with two little chocolates waiting on your pillow

Dark delicious chocolate on my pillow each night.

At least I took a lot of pictures of our adventures and I can take a few moments each day to fantasize that I'm back in Pacific Grove, Monterey, cruising up to Big Sur, walking the beach with mom, waking up to an ocean breeze fluttering the curtains in my hotel room.

 Wednesday we arrived in Pacific Grove, about two hours south of San Francisco, and when we woke up Thursday morning this is what we saw...

Then we had lunch
and this was the view 

That pretty much covered day 1 

I visited a yarn shop in Pacific Grove but that will be posted somewhere else :) I'll link when it's ready 

 Monterey Warf
What actually occurred at my birthday dinner.


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