Mothers Day...

That nose isn't a pony it's our Great Dane
Big Ed!
A time to honor our moms.
To show them that all the endless nights, tears, scrapes, bruises, fights, the teenage years, and beyond we're all worth it.
That because of them we turned into little contributing members of society, we take care of ourselves, we start little families of our own and if we do it right we in turn create more little contributing members of society.

Except me, and that's a different story for a much much later time.

Some years I get my mom a gift and hustle to get it there in time, others I get her a card and hustle to hopefully get it there on time.

This year was a card year... I hope it made it on time.

Dale, pretty sure i'm wearing a seahawks hat in this photo....
My mom gave so much to us. Worked so hard so we could fly off to the world and be who we wanted to be, even if it's not what she thought we would be. She knew we would figure it out. It just took some me longer than others.

I wish I could be with her all the time... but that's not practical. 

Doesn't change the fact that there are times in our lives, even as we approach our 40th birthday that when the crap hits the fan the person we call is mom.

Mom can fix anything.
Simply by answering the phone.

At the zoo. Mom holding my older brother and me....
If I wasn't going to be seeing my mom in 3 days I could get really sappy with this, however I am going to see her, on Wednesday, in San Francisco and then we are going to drive two hours south to Pacific Grove where we will celebrate
I wonder if I still have this hat... This was a good look for me.

My 40th Birthday and the 40th Anniversary of the day she became my mom...

My mom is beautiful
She's funny.
She's smart.
She's my mom.

this is what happens when you exercise your independence and not let your mom dress you anymore...  99.9% certain that is hot chocolate in the thermos... it's a pretty big weakness still.

Freshly missing front tooth... I would let them dangle till they fell out on their own... gross

she still looks the same today as she does here... 

We talk at least five times a week and we can talk about pretty much everything.
I wish I could be there tomorrow, to bring her muffins and coffee... to walk thru her gardens with her, to give her a hug.

See you in San Francisco Mama!!!




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