Finished Object: Garter Ear Flap Hat

This yarn.
Big Bad Wool Weepaca.
It's amazing.
I bought this at Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove with the intention to knit a wee tiny cable hat for George.

first I did the ribbing wrong and ripped it out and started again...
it wasn't grooving for me so I ripped it out again and set it aside.
then I remembered this Garter Ear Flap Hat from the Purl Bee Blog and thought 'Perfect'

It is perfect.
The short-row shaping for the ear flaps is simple and charming.
The decreases gave me some trouble...
Mostly because I looked at the decrease and mentally took out one of the letters... the instruction was SSKP. I read, SSK. that's a big difference because one decreases two stitches at once and the other only takes down one stitch so last night I had to rip out all the decreases I had done and re-knit the yarn again.

Hence the amazing part.

This yarn held up like a champ with the number of times I ripped and re-knit, ripped and re-knit.
It feels amazing.
the color is wonderful.

so much to be excited about, but I'm going to show you the hat now and you might want to sit down lest you get light headed at the onslaught of adorableness that is this hat...

The instruction in the pattern for all of it are very good, especially if you read them thoroughly instead of going off on your own and pretending you think you know what you're doing...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to make one of these for myself in a bright pink fuchsia...

I'm not pretty sure, I know I'm going too... as soon as I finish a couple more things for Baby G.


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