Finished Object

Well hello life, thank you for making me busier than a nut burying squirrel!
It's been chaotic in my world for the better part of two weeks.
Catching up with work while I was away celebrating my 40th with my mom followed by Memorial Weekend.
Memorial Weekend was great, and we bbq'd with friends who made me an amazing birthday cake! (picture in another post tomorrow!)
Memorial Weekend led into a short week a week that was also month end at work which is always crazy for me couple that with the fact that a few people were on vacation and we all had to adjust and cover.

Hence no posts at all last week!
So now you get to see what I finished.
Plus some good news!

Good news first because it leads into the finished object.

Baby G arrived.
A wee bit (five weeks) early
He clocked in over 6lbs and he's doing great. He just needs to work on staying awake long enough drink a full meal. He's super cute as well... As soon as I get permission from my Margie I'll post a picture of him for all to see... Bump seems pretty happy with him as well.

So, the finished object is a sweater for Baby G.
I knit it in a size 6mo
It's the Knitting Pure and Simple Button Front Baby Pullover
The yarn is Fancy Image Yarn Merino Dk Superwash in Navy.
I bought the yarn during the 2014 South Sound Yarn Crawl.
I didn't buy enough.
It's hand dyed.
Myra dyes all her own stock and it's amazing!

You see where I'm going with this?

Oh and I also threw the label out because I'm crazy like that.

However I knew I had posted a photo of it on Facebook, either my personal page or America's Knitting's page, but I post a lot of stuff on Facebook and so for me to go back and find it would take days...
Enter Mel a fan of America's Knitting. She found the picture so I was able to get the dye lot and message Myra, the fantastic owner of Fancy Image Yarn, and Myra came to the rescue! She had one more hank of the Navy in the dye lot I needed. she popped it in the mail as I was dropping a check in the mail and shazam, it's finished!

So here's the necessary details, minus the rookie error mentioned above.

Yarn: Fancy Image Dk Superwash Merino in Navy
Needle size: 3 & 5
Size: 6 months
buttons: found at Knitting by the Sea in Carmel California. They are perfection

I can't wait till he fits into his sweater! He'll be warm and snug as a bug in a rug come winter!

Now, back to the crazies!


Mary Neill said…
Genius on your part knitting the 6 month size. G will be 6 months old in November - PERFECT!

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