The Knit Funk

It's not catching.
I don't think.
I knit stuff.
I don't finish anything right now.

There was that Fair-Isle-Along that I was running from May - June and I finished exactly one item. The second item is rolling around in the back of my car right now.

I cast on for a pair of ankle socks and they are moving along.
Kind of.

Wednesday night I got a wild hair to start another project for Baby G. After I told myself it was time to knit something for me, a sweater, a cardigan, another cowl (please don't let it be another cowl yet) something, something for me by me that will be worn by me.

I started Sock Yarn Sweater for Baby G by Hannah Fettig.
I'm pretty excited about it.
I want to get it done so I can give it to him when I meet him even though I know it'll be way to big for him yet but it will fit him thru winter and spring in the midwest and that is what's important.

However, I'm still in a funk
Maybe it's not a funk though
Maybe it's summer.

It seems like once the calendar switched to July and then sun shone down on Seattle we've been on the move in overdrive.

There was a stretch of 3 weeks where I wasn't in bed before 10:30 each night and still having to get up at 3:40.

Those mornings you would see me stumbling into the office with not one but two 24 ounce iced coffees complete with two extra shots of espresso.

It's possible I did that today...


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