Pack your hand knits

We're planning our next trip to Maui.
By planning I mean, I'm into the finite details of daily activities.
Not too many because lets be honest, it's Maui and if your daily goal is to lay
like a Harbor seal on the hot sand avoiding a shark bite, then you've already won.
There are however a few things that myself, D and The Girls, will want to do...

Before you think I suddenly aquired a child or children The Girls refer to
our niece and her best friend who are coming along for the ride.

Adventures, there are many to be had on Maui, from the extreme cliff diving and biking down a volcano, to swimming at beaches while you ignore the shark attack warning signs... That's what I do and it gives my life a level of risk that I balances perfectly.

So the adventures we're looking into are kind of in the middle
a day trip on a scooter
Zip lining for D and the Girls. (this will be my harbor seal on the beach morning)
Luau (the best one in Maui in my opinion is the Feast at Lele
Surf Lessons
A trip up to the top of Haleakala. Maui's volcano to watch the sun come up.

We went up there on our last visit and while the valley and the beaches are a balmy 84 degrees
Haleakala at 5:00 a.m. for a sunrise that rips through you, is a frigid 33 degrees.

Last time I was ill prepared
This time I will not be.
I cast on an ear flap hat for myself last night.

So if you're planning a trip to Maui and think that you may make the drive to Haleakala you will do well to pack your snowsuit next to your banana hammack.

And, if you're on the volcano when I am, I'll be the cutie in the hot rasberry pink garter ear flap hat bitching about people blocking the view with their iPads that they use for pictures...


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