six years later...

I have finally finished my husbands race car slippers.

It all started because I saw a pattern for race car slippers on Ravelry and I mistakenly posted the photo on Facebook.

The next thing I know, I'm getting a text from D saying, 'when do I get my pair?'

Excited I said, 'Right away!'

Six tortuous years later I finally sewed the last damn tire on.
The first five years were spent buying random red and black yarns only to toss them aside because they weren't right.

D kept telling me 'it's not that hard, all I want on them are four tires and the number 21'

well it is that hard when you have issues with making people happy.
I was so terrified of him not liking them that I kept putting off the making them.
It became a standing joke between us.
Every time I said I was going to knit something for some one he said back
'how about finishing a pair of race car slippers for your husband?'

Well guess what?
I finished them. 
He loves them.
They're red
They have four tires
They have the number 21 on them
so what if it's crooked?
So what if my hand sewing skills would make a quilter shudder with horror.

They're done.
Praise God Almighty the damn slippers are done.
I should have celebrated with a drink last night but it was so late when I sewed the last tire on I just went to bed.

We're see ZZTop tonight and Jeff Beck, so my celebratory drink will come there...

I'm never knitting a pair of race car slippers again...
wait, little LOL just asked for a pair... Actually her dad did. I might cave, but I might make them pink since he said LOL wants them in a mens size 11..

I'm sick.
Happy Saturday!


Mary Neill said…
Are you sick really? Or just sick of knitting stuff for others?? The slippers are cute~
Carmel said…
Sick as in 'sick in the head' :)

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