Today's 24 Days of Knitting Pattern:

Is a pullover.
Specifically the pullover I'm wearing today.

It's been in a drawer for four years and I forgot how awesome it is.

It's been in a drawer for four years because I was too 'enhanced' to wear it.
I am less 'enhanced' than I was and getting less 'enhanced' day by day.

It's simple in it's construction, there is no seaming, and it's short sleeve so their is no wanting to stab yourself in the thigh when you measure you sleeve that you've been knitting for what feels like decades only to discover you are only four inches in...

Nope, no sleeve despair here. Short Sleeves, Top Down, Cowl neck, Waist shaping. Bam! A sweater is born and ready for you to sport at all your Christmas day events looking like a boss.

The pattern is Idlewood by Cecily Glowik-MacDonald. Details about the pattern are on her blog and you can drool over it here.

Then, scuttle on over to Ravelry and snatch up your copy for $6.00 and get cracking!


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