New Year New Me New blah blah blah

I gave up resolutions years ago.
Too much pressure for a girl who's whims change almost hourly some days.
Instead I try to challenge myself to new things. That way if they aren't for me I can nix them instead of beating myself up for sleeping an extra hour and not hauling my arse out of bed to do meditation and sun salutations.

If I'm asleep, isn't that a pretty good sign of excellent meditation?
Maybe not to the masters but it's restorative enough for me.

So back to challenges and trying new things.

This year I have decided to throw down and really challenge myself to something huge.

In my mind it's huge.

For some of you it will probably seem like a walk in the park.

For me it feels like a walk in the park, with a cat on a leash who does not want to be on the leash so it lays flat on the ground, and a pack of rabid dogs showing up.

If that clue wasn't enough for you to guess what I'm talking about I'll tell you...

Circular Shawls.


Knit from the middle out.
A vast vortex of lace and stitch counts, charts at weird angles and then the idea of blocking it at the end...

But I love the look of them.
I think I'm a competent enough knitter to pull it off.
So my challenge to myself this year is to knit a circular shawl.

Of course I'm not going completely off the deep end of the knitters ledge and doing a lace weight cacophony of doily lace stitches with a wave picot edge.

I chose a pattern that calls for worsted weight and will work as a throw on the back of my couch...

I'm giving myself a year to do it in.
I've chosen the yarn, I just need to order it.
I have the needles although by the time I reach the final round I'll need a 100" cable for my interchangeables.

Probably a slug of vodka as well to ease into the bind off...

I'm going to knit Tree Rings by Andrea Ragnel

I'm going to use Cascade 220 in VanDyke Brown.

I've admired this one since it was released in 2013.

Stay tuned.

Happy New Year.

Americas Knitting is starting a new knit-a-long today!
It goes for one month.
We are knitting patterns of our own choosing from the Tin Can Knits vast collection of patterns.
Come and join us!


Pamela said…
Good Luck Carmel! I started a circular blanket for my grandson and am a little better than half way through. It's just a basic - with no lace - in Cascade Springtime colorway, but I want to put a Wasabi border of leaves around the edge. It is laughing at me right now from my perch in the living room. Good luck! It is a beautiful look (and luckily I am making it for a toddler, not a baby) and totally mindless knitting, so I don't mind it too much. I'm glad to cheer you on!
Marta Maxwell said…
It is stunning! Go for it!

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