The Blog...

I just realized it's been since February 13th since I've posted.
I know I've been busy.
I also know that I have felt like I don't have much to say, or maybe I'm saying it somewhere else and by the time I get here I'm at a loss.

Well, lets see where this takes me...

I just spent a glorious week with my younger brothers family.
Family I see maybe once or twice a year. So it really sucks when the visits are over.
They left today and it makes me sad to say goodbye.
I loved every minute I had with Bump and Baby G.
We all met up in Florida at mom's winter house and had a blast.
We spent the day at the beach
We played in mom's pool
We went to the zoo and fed the giraffes.
Covered a lot of territory in 3 days.
D and I fly home tomorrow.

Mom caught a bit of a virus so she's laying low,
D is driving my stepfather to pick something up so I sit here alone.
Sad that my nephews are on their way home and not riding up and down granny's elevator with me,
it's possible that i've poured myself a large & fabulous glass of white wine from mom's wine fridge... Day drinking is what makes vacations feel real. :)

I have a lot of knits to catch you up on and I think I'll do that tomorrow between here and Seattle... We have a lengthy layover in Houston so I know I'll have some time...

I"m going to go pour myself some more wine and soak up some sun before heading back to reality...


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