a little about me...


Yesterday I posted this little questionnaire on my America's Knitting Ravelry group...

Get to know your fellow knittah!

  1. 1. Where were you born? Big Horn County Hospital, Basin Wyoming

  2. What is your favorite meal? Thanksgiving leftovers

  3. What is your favorite dessert(s)? Cherry Pie, Carrot Cake, Tapioc, oatmeal raisin cookies 

  4. Dog or Cat? I swing both ways, but as you all know, we currently have 2 dogs.

  5. I knit because: it calms my mind and makes me happy

  6. The yarn that has never failed you? cascade 220

  7. What do you love most about your life right now? Everything. I'm in a pretty good spot in my world.

  8. What is your LYS: I have a lot. In florida it's A Good Yarn, Sarasota. In Minnesota, it's Knitting by the Lake in Excelsior, in Seattle it's So Much Yarn, and my favorite is Fancy Image Yarn in Shelton.

  9. What do you shame eat alone in the car and hide the evidence? Country Fried Tofu from the Whole Foods hot food bar. It's strangely addictive and I can't not get a box of it on my way thru the store...

  10. The most beautiful place you’ve ever traveled to? Pacific Grove with my mom every year, Maui, Beaune, France.

    a. I have a deep irrational (according to D) love of sharks. On our next visit to the islands I am planning to swim with sharks. No cage.

    b. If I ever decide to run away from life, you'll find me in Maui.
    i: i totally plan on dragging D and all the animals with me. 


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