Operation Pom Pom: The Finale

There is a lot of excitement that goes into a 2 year olds birthday party.
The planning
The invites
The food
The gift buying and making.
The expectation that your gift will be the one that makes her forget all the rest.
Except you forget, the recipient is 2 and is having gobs of gifts and sugar thrown at her and trying to process it all at once.

I was in charge of pictures.
I took a lot of pictures.

I also made sure my gift was last.
She dug her hands right into that box of PomPoms with a sweet little grin on her face.
It was all I expected and more.

I also gave her her sweater, a seuss book about sharks, her cowl and her baby shark earrings. She opened those before everyone came over and she loved the baby shark earrings. Wanted them put in immediately and wanted to show everyone.

It was a great day.
I'm so lucky that little peanut and I get to be apart of each others lives.

Rock on Bean
PomPom fight at Nana & Papa's next time I'm there!


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