Picture(s) of the Week...

This little Peanut is turning two in 8 days.
A fact that I know is troubling for her Nana and Mom.
This is my hockey date during the season and recently we've started having tuesday night dinner dates when she spends the night at Nana & Papa's. We eat dinner and watch a movie and play.

I'm so sad this one was blurry but you get the picture.
Facts I know about her.

1. she loves frozen blueberries.
2. she loves hockey
3. she loves her Papa. yells for him constantly
4. she loves knit things. Trust me. If I am wearing something knit, or knitting she always wants to touch it.
5. she loves the pom poms I make her, hence she is getting a big box of them for her birthday.

This past Tuesday we had dinner with her, Nana, and Papa. After dinner we went outside and I took about a gazillion (139) pictures of her.

These are my top three faves from Tuesday.

They capture a lot of her personality in one millisecond.


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