Progress Report:

Beans birthday sweater is down to just the sleeves and the buttons.
The buttons that I've had in my possession for weeks now and have held off sewing them onto the sweater.

Like I said. I'm on to the sleeves.
Never. Ending. Long. Sleeves.

In garter stitch.
Knit on DPN's


The sweater is so cute.
The buttons are little pieces of perfection.
The color is the color that Beans picked out.
The cowl to go with it is a perfect contrast.
It's possible I'll have enough to make a hat or just more PomPoms with the remaining yarn.

Garter stitch.

You are so wonderful in your simplicity and squishyness. (I'm sure I've blathered about that before)

I actually have a shot of getting this done in time for her birthday party next week.

If the sleeve knitting doesn't throw me into a tantrum fit for 2 year old. Body slamming the ground with a fierceness to knock the wind out of you so you silent cry.

If you hadn't guessed, sleeves are a high form of torture for me, right up there with filing.

I truly hate filing.
If you needed information from me and I was holding out. Put me in a room to file alphabetical alpha numeric.

I'll spill my guts before you step away from me.

Bonus: Yesterday was Monday. I know, I know, no one needs a reminder of the horror of a Monday unless you made something fantastic dinner. Which I did.
Kicked up Jar Marinara and Mini Penne noodles
all you need is
1 box Mini Penne noodles (Barilla are my favorite)
2 jars of regular plain old marinara
Crimini mushrooms I used about 8 ounces (2 big handfuls from the mushroom bin at the store) - chopped
1 zucchini - chopped
1 yellow onion - chopped
1 green bell pepper - chopped

Heat your pot of boiling water for the penne...
Heat a sauce pan till its hot over medium heat
toss in some good olive oil
toss in the onions, bell pepper and mushrooms, cook them up till they are soft and smelling like heaven.
toss in the zucchini
pour the sauce over the whole mess.
cook up the penne.

all youre doing is taking something good and punching it up a bit.
if you have time to make your own marinara by all means
but this working girl is all about taking stuff I have and making it better.

it was delicious.


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