May become the day for random photos and off the handle posts... Like this one.

I'm working on the Churchmouse Easy folded poncho.
1. This is a lot of stockinette. A lot.
2. I've stopped referring to it as my pretty poncho and now it's the big green beast.
3. Every time I show a knitter how far I am on it I expect clapping and a standing ovation... (Please see #1)
4. This has yet to happen.
5. I have currently knit 44.5 inches of stockinette. 44.5 long inches.
6. That means I have 5.5 to go.

I really really in my soul of souls need this off the needles today because I have:
1. All the yarn to make Woodsy Cardy for me. It's my birthday present.
2. The rump of a boxer on needle holders waiting for the rest of the body.
3. A birthday sweater for Beans in the works still.
4. Birthday Socks for me that I, like a knitting idiot, knidiot?, started this morning.
5. I'm in the middle of an America's Knitting KAL sweater...

I could get a lot of these done while this freaking poncho that will be too damn warm to wear when it's finally finished dries.


Kim said…
Oh I feel the pain--but in a different way. I joined a little challenge on a Rav group--Spring Clean and Sweep Those wips away. I thought to myself, what a great idea! I joined. I dug around to see if I even have any wips laying around. Umm right--I have 9! So, casting on new shiny things will be very limited, while I work on those 9, once shiny projects.
The yarn crawl was blast and I came home with more yarn than I ever have before on one of these events.

I better get knitting...
Mary said…
Ok, you can't see me....but I'm standing and I'm clapping! Bravo Carmel - it is a lot of knitting, that is probably why mine in in a bag sitting alone somewhere!

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