WIP Wednesday: Lottie Cardigan

It's coming together people.
All the shoulder, back, and front increases on done.
The sleeves are on their waste yarn holders and I am cruising right along on the body.

Ahhh garter stitch your simplicity and squishiness make for a happy knitter.

This is going to be Bean's birthday sweater, although she's turning 2 and I'm making a size 4.

She picked the color all by herself.
She picked her buttons all by herself. They are at home waiting to be sewn on.
I even ordered a pair of earrings from Buttons By Robin to match the buttons on her sweater.

People, please buy your buttons from Robin. She has an Etsy store chock-a-block full of them and she does special request that are amazing!

Back to Bean's sweater, her 2nd birthday, and oooh... guess who else has a birthday in three days??

hint: its me

Bean's yarn is Wool of the Andes superwash by Knit Picks color Solstice Heather

It's a really beautiful purple and sapphire all blended up together.
Soft to the touch, and light enough to wear all season, and wooly enough to keep her toasty.
I brought the ball to her when it arrived in the mail and she was so excited she had to show run and show her Papa (grandfather)

For her upcoming birthday I'm also making a gagillion chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cookies, my tortellini pesto pasta salad and my macaroni and cheese pasta salad.

ps. Lindsay at Pinch of Yum (food crush) has tips for the perfect chocolate chip cookies and let me tell you, they turn out awesome! you can find the tips here
They have a bouncy house for the event and they say it's for kids.
I'm willing to be by the end of the day I'll be in the bouncy house napping.

Party on Beans


Kim said…
Lucky Bean!! What a pretty little sweater. Have you had good luck with Knit Picks yarn? I am always looking for a reasonably priced, yet good quality of yarn to use on garments for my granddaughters.
Carmel said…
I do have good luck with KnitPicks. They discontinued a couple lines of yarn that made me mad a few years back because it was perfect for baby blankets but, for the most part I've been really happy with them and their customer service.

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