Favorite Photo(s) this week...

After returning from Pacific Grove Saturday the 13th (I want to return immediately)
I feel as though my week has rocket launched.

We boated all day Sunday.

Had a wee bit of dog drama Monday that carried into Tuesday and has gotten much better... Think Quentin Terentino and a bloody dog toenail and why I'll be scrubbing rugs this weekend.

side note: Senior dogs are not for the faint of heart. They test the hearts strength and resiliance every single day.

Wednesday was a birthday party with friends followed by most of them going kart racing

Thursday was Happy Hour with D's cousin (super fun) excellent food, wine, and company.

Today is Friday and honestly I can't wait to get home and slap my pajama-pants on and just veg the f out.

So here are a few shots from my last day on the Monterey Penninsula followed by a few of day of boating...

Seeing this furry little guy excited me more than I can explain. You should've have heard him rip the muscle off the pier and then crunch it...

Mt. Rainier hiding back there... 

Special doggles for cold laser therapy on Gabby
remember that dog drama I mentioned above... I had to break out the first aid kit.

Bohemian Shawl by Kelly McClure 


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