Four Days

8.5 hours
A gazillion minutes and seconds
Till I fly off to San Francisco to grab mom at the baggage carousel, toss her in the rental car and whisk us both down the coast to Pacific Grove for our annual mother daughter girls extravaganza.

We rented a home thru AirB&B for the whole week people.
A week.
Of me and mom all by ourselves.
We're both pretty giddy at the prospect.

Not only will we be in PG, our favorite place in the world.
We rented a beautiful home, right by the WATER, aka the Pacific Ocean, and it's a house that we have driven by every year and dream about owning for ourselves.


I have a lot of ideas of stuff for us to do... many include just walking by the water, sitting by the water, drinking by the water, napping by the water, eating by the water.

Monarch Knitting is literally three blocks away from where we'll be staying. I suspect I'll be spending a ridiculous amount of time in the shop.

There is a farmers market on Monday two blocks from our abode so I'm geared for what to buy to go with the big batch of granola I'll be packing in my bag... I use this recipe from Pinch of Yum 

We're doing a road trip up to Half Moon Bay with a stop in Castroville for baby artichokes, thank you to Smitten Kitchen for the timely post of Crispy Frizzled Artichiokes, and a stop in Santa Cruz.

In Half Moon Bay I want to hit Mavericks Surf Shop. I'm a huge. HUGE surf junky, aka *Shubie - a non-surfer who collects surf stuff like a real surfer. I'm a fan of Jeff Clark as well, and hope to have a super awkward moment with him in his shop. He was the first guy to surf Mavericks.  On that note, you should all go out and watch Riding Giants and just fall in love with surfing as much as I have. We could all be shubies together.

We'll go to Carmel, we'll go to the wharf in Monterey, I'll cook mom some fabulous dinners, we'll see our friend Ruth, we'll dine at the FishWife, and drink wine on the beach. We'll rent bicycles, we'll knit, I'll take pictures, and basically just suck up the joy of being in my favorite place with my favorite person, doing our favorite things.

We will not be making the drive to Big Sur this time. We've both decided that we don't need that kind of gut wrenching fear that turns your breakfast burrito into a boulder in your stomach while trying to dodge cyclists and shear cliffs going 50 mph simply to see breathtaking views of the Pacific. Especially since we'll be less than a block from the Pacific in our home in PG!!!!

Happy Day!

* Shubie
Someone who buys surf gear and clothing but does not surf


Kim said…
Oh Happy Day for sure! I am green, I tell you, GREEN, with with envy. What a wonderful trip! You will have a wonderful time-because I am with you-everything done on the water is best!

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