Birthday Girl

Today is Gabby Girl's 11th birthday.
Honestly, we didn't think she's be alive for her 9th birthday so this is huge.

We rescued her when she was eight months old and D instantly became her favorite.
However, if she needs something done, I'm the one she comes too.
Have to go outside? She comes to me.
Want a treat? Me
Time to eat? Wake up the lady.

Love, affection, football and tv... it's all D all the time.

She loves her balls, and stuffed babies.
Big Baby Hippo is her favorite.
If you are sitting, you are obviously free to play with her and her babies.

If the sun is out, she's out, as well as all her babies.
Mr. Brown doing something wrong? No worries, she's a master tattler. She will sell him out in a heartbeat.

Scold her and she'll break your heart with the puppy eyes and hanging head.
Scold Mr. Brown, she wags her tail.
Scold D and she sits next to him shooting me dirty looks.

She ate a nylon at age 1.
She ate a gazillion cherries that same year and to this day won't touch them. Ask me the cherry story sometime.
She's split her noggin,
Tore both acl's playing football.
broken a toe or two. 
Beer makes her sneeze.
She will not budge if you have popcorn unless you are throwing it to her by the handful. I've seen her wake from a dead sleep when she smelled D. making popcorn.
She taught D how to play fetch with her. 
She loves to ride in the car with her head out the window.
She's the sweetest, smartest little boxer we've had and we're so lucky to have her in our lives for so many years.

enjoy your day at Lillian's sweet thing. We'll have cake and cheeseburgers next week when you come home!!


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