I've made yet another knitting error.
Not quite as grievous as the non-superwash blanket yarn error but grievous none-the-less.

I started knitting Flora's Cap by Churchmouse Yarns and Tea probably back in February or early March.

I cast on the hat.
It's in seed stitch, I should mention that because I'm doing a lot of seed stitch lately and it's a time, yarn, and soul sucking stitch if you're not into it.

I'm into it right now but when it goes out of favor with me, just wait for the post on that.

So I'm knitting and seeding, and petting the yarn and I'm cruising right along.

As fast as someone knitting a fingering weight hat on size 3 circulars cruises in soul-sucking seed stitch, which I'm loving right now.

I finally hit that magic number of 6 inches and I can place my markers for the decreases.

Except I've made a mistake somewhere.

Like at the very begininng of the project

When I took my lovely skein of Seahawk Yarn and my lovely size 2 circulars to the Irish Pub.
I ordered a Harp Lager, had a few pulls, and cast on 119 stitches.

Except I didn't cast on 119 stitches.
I cast on 129 stitches.

I recognized my mistake 6 inches and four months later.
I remedied it like any knitter would.

I decreased those 10 extra stitches like a champ.
Slugged back my Indian Wells Chardonnay and kept on knitting.

It's fortunate for me that I;
a. have a lot of hair
b. have a large nugget that houses miscounted stitched hats well.

I'll just keep telling myself that, every time I seed stitch and K3Tog around.

Seed Stitch, you and I are done for a while after this... just saying 


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