the post without a title...

I couldn't for the life of me think of a title.
Nothing witty made sense.
Nothing made sense actually.
It's not like this is a super involved post.
It's not even life changing.

It's just a quick project update.
Nothing fancy here folks.

Still, I couldn't come up with a title.

When we were in Pacific Grove and I went to Monarch Knitting once or twice five times. I picked up some Madelinetosh yarn and knew instantly what I was going to make with it.


I love it when it all comes together like that.
You see the yarn.
You love the yarn.
You start combing thru your nugget about what pattern you have that would be great with the yarn.


You can feel the tingle of excitement as you frantically try logging into your Ravelry account on your phone, cursing yourself for your extensive five number-three letter-some caps- conglomeration password, and you're in, you hit your favorites list, and there it is... you can hear the angels singing. 


You snatch the yarn up, plus a couple extra just in case.
The lovely yarn shop peeps wind it up for you.
You buy yet another size 6 circular needle even though you have a dozen at home, but you're not at home, you're in vacationland and you didn't bring your uber organized trunk of circulars with you, and you have to are going to start this magical moment of yarn and pattern coming together as soon as you can sit your arse in a chair and cast on.

That's exactly what I did.

Never mind that I had started three other projects the exact same way, on the exact same trip.

This was a big BAM of yarn and pattern melding together to perfection.

And, as I knit along I realize how spot on it was, and how it just keeps getting better.

I'm in love with it in a way that one probably shouldn't talk about.
I touch it a lot.
I carry it with me a lot.
It's possible that I fell asleep one night with it on my *bed and my hand deep inside the knitting bag.

Oh Bohemian Shawl. You clever little knit. The colors I chose are so perfect for your design and your design is just brilliant. Simple yet interesting. showcases the yarn and gives a texture that appeals to the more tactile side of my world.

I can't wait till it's finished. (I'm about halfway)

Lucky for me I have a long car ride this weekend and we are going to bond quite well over the mountains and thru the woods.

Pattern: Bohemian Shawl 
I recommend you all go download it immediately. Simply because.
Oh and it's free until September 1, 2015. After that you can purchase it for $5.00

*I'm not allowed to fall asleep with my knitting on the bed ever since D woke up and found a couple dpn's on his side of the bed and one on the pillow dangerously close to my eye.

Safety never takes a day off. 


Kim said…
How beautiful! I am in love with Madelinetosh yarns-they create such visually pleasing projects. This looks like the ocean to me...

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