Summer Summer Summer Time...

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.
It wasn't until the summer I turned 16 that we moved to Minnesota.


One of the biggest things that happens in Seattle in the summer is SeaFair.
SeaFair has events all summer long culminating with the TorchLight Parade, the arrival of the US Navy Blue Angels and Hydroplane races on Lake Washington.

The past two years we've been taking 'Girlfriend' out on the water to watch the air show practice that includes; Marine helicopters, F22 Fighter Jets, the Thunderbirds, Big Bertha, and the Blue Angels, and a handful of other stunt planes flying all around.


Long hot days.
Jets roaring overhead.
Fantastic floats for lounging on the water.
Top Gun soundtrack queued up for the big show.
Boats everywhere. More boats than you'll ever see in one place on Lake Washington.

F22 & WWII Fighter Plane together

This happens the first weekend of August every year.
The Blue Angels arrival with Big Bertha their support plane is exciting as the circle Seattle letting us know they've arrived.
Practice begins on Thursday and continues on Friday and Saturday, with the main show happening on Sunday.
Big Bertha, the support plan, flies out before the Blue Angels arrive.
After Big Bertha does her bit, it gets quiet, people are watching. They know the Blue Angels are coming. Then you see them above the tree line heading towards downtown Seattle. They buzz the city and you lose them further up the lake. Then you spot them again, now they are across the lake flying over Bellevue in formation. 
Then right above Mercer Island you see them coming down towards you... 
My hand at this point is twitching above the play list wanting to time it just right. 
As soon as we see the smoke releasing I hit play and right when the opening notes of the anthem hit their peak all you hear is jet roaring over I-90. 

Seriously the best.
Queue up Top Gun Anthem as the Blue Angels roar over the I-90 bridge deck


 This isn't the end of summer but it's definitely the highlight of summer. Especially for those of us who grew up watching the Hydros and Blue Angels. 

I took over 600 pictures just on Friday. I still haven't gone thru all of them so be prepared you may wake up one morning to a blog full of fighter jets with no explanation... 
Happy Wednesday 


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