Dear Gabby...

You came into our world at 8 months old.
The sweetest little Boxer girl who's only concerns were, football, loving up D & I, and food in your bowl.

Remember the time you had tuna salad the first time? I do. You checked your food bowl four times to see if you'd missed any. It has never been shinier.

Remember that Christmas Eve you got a new football? You were so happy about it you brought it bed that night.

Your rescue story promised you'd return all love given to you tenfold.

The amount of love, joy, laughter, and amusement can't be summed up.

We had some rough times.

You ate a nylon and had to have emergency surgery after your 1st birthday.

Later that summer you decided to eat every single cherry that had dropped in the yard. I don't think Mr. Brown has forgiven you for that blowout yet.

Two torn acl's, two broken toes, a mild concussion, a bleeding ear that turned our house in to a crime scene, a bloody toenail that made the floors look like we had dragged tiny bleeding bodies everywhere.

We wouldn't change a moment.

You tattle on your brother when he's being stupid.
You care so much about D that instead of waking him to let you out you come get me.

Your love of popcorn knows no bounds.

The past two years have been rough, sleepless nights and worrisome days, so many trips to the vet, but you've been happy and loving and playful through all of it.

I'm sorry your body quit before your spirit.

Today is your last day with us.

Today sucks for us but we know you'll be in a better place where you can run, snuggle with babies, catch countless footballs and see all your friends who went before you.

We will miss you Bebe Girl.
We had 11 years with your sweet sweet soul.
You touched many people and were loved by everyone.

Me & D.


Terrie McCanse said…
"If love could have saved you Gabby,
you would have lived forever"

Carmel, I have followed your blog for so long and today my heart is breaking for you both as you go through the loss of your special boxergirl. Your tribute to Gabby is beautiful, touching and so heartfelt. What a lovely way to honor sweet Gabby. She was such a big part of your lives. Loving our furkids back unconditionally is so easy - strength of time comes when you have to help them cross over the bridge and say goodbye.

Words, however kind,
Can't mend your heartache:
But those who care and share,
Your loss - wish you comfort,
And peace of mind.
May you find strength in the
Love of family and in the
Warm embrace of friends.

Carmel and Dale, may the precious memories of your beloved boxergirl Gabby, soften the sadness in your heart♥
I'm very sorry for your loss,
My blessings, Terrie

Kim said…
I am so, so sorry. There is nothing like the love and devotion of a dog. I hope when our sweet Molly's time comes, I can write a tribute as beautiful as this one you have written for Gabby.

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