The Whirlwind of Life

End of August we flew home to Minnesota for a long visit with my family and friends.

We hit the Minnesota State Fair, mom and I ate a slew of fried cheese curds and shared some beers. Dale branched out and tried some other offerings, but not wanting a stomach ache, I stuck to cheese curds, beer, and dole fruit whips (delicious).

It was hot while we were home. So hot and humid that when I took my camera out for pictures it always fogged up...

The trip was awesome.

It was great to be with my mom, G, my younger brother and his family.

It was great to see my best friend for over 20 years now.

Then we came home.
Said good bye to our Gabby.

Then I was off again for a conference in Las Vegas.

Dale flew down at the end of the conference for the weekend.

Vegas is exhausting.
However I did learn a few things of what I would do better next time.

1. choose a hotel with an awesome pool and an awesome theme like New York New York or Paris, or Mandalay Bay.

2. I would stay by the pool all day.

3. I would hit the town at night. I saw Vegas during the day and at night and the nighttime is way better.

4. I would make sure my Fitbit is secure before venturing out. Someone has nice FitBit Charge that they found between New York New York and Aria... I hope you like it. It's served me well for 8 months.

5. Don't fly out in the evening. You hit that weird limbo period where you have to check out of your hotel but can't really check in at the airport for your flight yet. We stored our luggage with the Bell Hop and walked around a bit more but we were done and that was very clear. So, that's my biggest advice. Fly out early the day you are scheduled to leave. Don't hang in limbo land like we did.


It's been a crazy three weeks.
I do have a couple knitting updates and a finished object to share with you next week.

Happy Friday.

This is how I roller coaster. It doesn't matter what kind of roller coaster. This is how I do it.


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