Finished Object: Stovetop Hat

What the What?
A finished object post?
I mean, I have finished A LOT of stuff but just haven't had time to post it all...

That is changing right now!
I finished something and by golly I'm posting it here today.

See, I didn't give up knitting.
September was crazy. As crazy as that out of control jacked up cable up there... I fixed it the next morning

October has been extra crazy with my job and the release of a new code set that is turning my brain to squish.

But, now I have a sweet sweet hat to conceal the squish and prepare me for winter.

Normally I would be sporting my hats come fall but I was at the pumpkin patch yesterday and even though it was raining it was about 63 degrees... not hat weater. Not even cozy sweater and boots weather...

Back to why I'm here...

I am posting a finished object for you all to see, and love, and buy, and knit a gazillion of for everyone in your world.


Because I'm cool like that.

Pattern: Stovetop by Alexa Ludeman of Tincanknits
Difficulty: Medium.
Love: off the charts

This pattern is fab.
The chart is easy to read.
The hat comes in all sizes from a newborn nugget to a full grown fullback :)

Knit in a worsted weight on size 8 needles it knits up swiftly and beautifully.
Slap a big pompom on top or a cluster of little pompoms and you are all set!

See that little head in one of the pictures. That's Phoebe and Phoebe is so special she deserves her own post, but here are some facts.
1. We officially adopted her after a two day trial run.
2. She is 6 years old.
3. She is the silliest, sweetest, wiggly little thing ever. 


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