Happily Ever After

Meet Phoebe

Phoebe is the newest member of our family. 
I know I said I was going to wait before bringing a new Boxer home, but I then I looked on the Washington Boxer Rescue Site 
I saw Phoebe 
I read Phoebes story 
I knew we had to at least give her a try. 
Two days after we brought her home for the trial run we knew. 
We knew deep in our hearts that this girl belonged with us and that we would be her forever home. 
 Phoebe is a 6 year old reverse brindle boxer girl. 
She had a very bad beginning the first two years of her life. 
The last four years she's been with Washington Boxer Rescue learning that not all humans are horrible, that not everyone wants to hurt her, and that it's okay to accept and give love. 

She continues to learn that in our home. 

She's learning that we aren't going to take the toys away. 
That Mr. Brown couldn't give two rips about the babies. 
They are learning to do things together. 

She loves Gabby's toy basket. 
She loves flushing birds from the bushes and then chasing them. 
Squirrels are fair game as well. 
As many dog beds as we have in the house they are not squishy or soft enough for this sweet thing, she prefers the sofa, on top of a merino, alpaca, throw. 

She doesn't want people to touch her feet, but she will put her foot in your hand, but don't touch it, just let it rest there. 

 She is so sweet. So full of energy. So very curious like all the boxers we've had. 

We are so glad that we are able to give her a forever home that even though her beginnings were horrible, the rest of her life will be 'Happily Ever After' 
No stress, no pain, no fear, no more broken toes, no more angry grabs. 
All she has to do is rest, play, eat kibble, snuggle with babies, and live the life of leisure that boxers enjoy. 

Welcome home sweet girl. 
The adventure begins again.


Anonymous said…
Lucky Phoebe. Lucky family.
Terrie McCanse said…
Oh my goodness... you were both missing something - Phoebe a home and you a special empty place in your heart. Mr Quintus Brown now has a sister and you and Dale now have a new furkid, absolutely heartwarming♥ After over 4 years in rescue, Phoebe now has a forever home and years of making new memories. I am so grateful you all found each other♥ Blessings abundant, Terrie

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