The Retreat is Coming!

You know what I'm talking about.
The knitting retreat that I attend each year.
It's early this year and it's longer!
I have a whole bin packed with yarn to knit and projects that need tails woven in, and possibly a botto of gin in there as well.

We all know the gin is there. 

Possibly some white wine, maybe a zesty rose.

I can't fool you, those will all be there as well. 

I'm so excited.
I'm in a frenzy of pattern printing and project planning.

So, with all the tails that will be woven, and projects blocking, maybe, just maybe I'll get the Finished Objects post I keep promising.

Seriously. There is so much to show you that it's ridiculous.

Camera: Packed
1. Yarn: Packed
2. Blocking Pins: Packed
3. Blocking Pads: ummm... they are in the knitting room somewhere
4. Patterns: Printed
5. Needles: Mostly packed need to double check a couple
6. Wool-ite: Honey, I'm stopping at the drug store today!
7. Clothes to wear: well, they are in the laundry pile to get washed and dried tonight.
8. Winder & Swift: packed
9. Lamp: need to break it down and load in the car
10. Gin: we all know where that is
11. Reeses Pieces: My retreat candy, see #6

I'm so excited.

What will I be knitting?
OH so many wonderful things.
I have one 12th Man Eye on you hat done and the other cast on, I really want to be done with it by Tomorrow night... They are for the owners of my favorite restaurant in Langley, Prima Bistro
Twiggy by Jane Richmond is getting cast on as soon as I finish the Ledge Trail Vest by Elizabeth Brown.
Fetching Mitts will be knit for a friend
I have some socks that I started 2.5 years ago that honestly I really have no excuse not to finish so those are in the bin.
I might be inspired to cast on another hat for my brother. Do you hate the hats bro? Or should I keep them coming? Hard to say. I'll keep knitting them because even if he doesn't wear them, I know his wife does :)


Thank goodness I have a plan
Thursday: Work till 11:00, head home, hit QFC for necessities, load car, catch ferry, check in. have a tail weaving party, blocking party, finish the second twelfth man hat. Gab some dinner, wonder why the stuff blocking isn't dry yet. Cast on something new.
Friday: finish the ledge trail vest, work on the mitts, cast on the twiggy cardigan, go grab dinner and deliver the hats, listen to the silvertips via the web, work on the mitts.
Saturday: repeat of friday, minus the hockey, but work on a variety of things. Possibly go do a photo shoot of all the finished objects somewhere in Langley and write a really lovely post to all you about all of them... promises promises promises.
Sunday: set clock back and hour (extra hour of knitting), knit for a while, pack up, eat breakfast, knit till checkout, catch the ferry home, unload car, pick up dogs, and snuggle with them the rest of the day. 
Speaking of dogs. Phoebe is doing so well with us. We are just tickled to have her join our family.

If she could, she would stay here all day. You can't see it but that tock is sitting on a merino, mohair, cashmere blanket and she loves it.


Mary Neill said…
I love the photo shoot part - tell everyone about America's Knitting!

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