Welcome to the Fall Classic

A huge car race in Eastern Washington that D is racing in.
We arrived Friday night and got to the race track at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday morning.
There is a lot of down time till all of the sudden they are calling for you to line up and then it's crazy.

D racing is incredibly nerve-wracking for me.

I never go in the stands to watch because when fans cheer at wrecks it sends me over the edge.

The words you never want to here is 'a car hit the wall, I didn't see D drive thru'

Want to see me run? Say that. I hurdled and wove my way to the front stretch then I saw him pull in the pit area.

He races.
I knit.
We support each other's hobbies.
And while I do help him on the car, I won't let him help with the knitting.

Here's to a safe race today. Thank goodness I have plenty of yarn for the downtime...


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