A Big Fat Middle Finger from my Knitting

You know the feeling.
When everything on your needles is coming out crap.

can you tell which one was knit on the retreat and which one was knit at work?? 

I'm there right now.
I knit one 70 Yard Mitt by Hannah Fettig on the retreat last weekend and I knit its mate at work on Monday.

Guess what?

Totally jacked.

The mitt I knit at work is way to small. Even though I used the exact same needles, yadda yadda.

very frustrating.

So I cast on another pair, using a different yarn for a friend.

Nope. Not a chance, sucker. You thought you could do. You think you're a good enough knitter to break this run, good luck.

Knitting karma shot me a big fat middle finger and said 'Nope, try again m'fer'
(I have strong belief that karma drops f'bombs like a boss)

So I set that aside and did a Winter Morning Headband for a friend.

This wasn't so bad until I looked at it after grafting the ends together... and weaving in the tails

I did it inside out.

Seam not shown, but trust me it's there like a nasty hangnail

There is a definite seam on the outside of the headband.

I wouldn't worry about this except the friend has very short hair and it will be seen.

Maybe she won't care.

We won't know till Tuesday because I left the damn thing at home. Actually I can't remember where I put it last night after I finished it. Somewhere I would for sure remember to bring it to work today to give her.


Knit Karma strikes again.

So today I'm going to try and knit a new mate for my original pair of 70 Yard Mitts at lunch today and hope for a better result. Same situation as Monday.

Does this qualify me as clinically crazy?

Oh, and the Twiggy cardigan is on hold until I can get a size 15 16" circular because Amazon has decided suddenly that my address is undeliverable?
We got into it yesterday. Amazon and I. As into as you can get using their online chat feature.

My rant: If you check my purchase/order/delivery history you will see that for the past 2.5 years since I've been a Prime member that I have never once had an issue with deliveries to my address, including a delivery of shoes last Friday! Now all of the sudden on a package that can be stuffed into my mailbox out on the street you decide that it's undeliverable?
Really Amazon? Really???

Yes, thank you for refunding me and cancelling the order. But I needed those damn knitting needles.
I have a sweater to finish!

What's going to happen at Christmas when I order everyone's presents? Do I really have to have it delivered to my office? 
Suck it. 
End rant. 

On that note.
Everyone have a fabulous weekend and hopefully the knitting Gods will start smiling on me again soon.


Debby said…
Made me laugh out 'cause the same thing happened to me with a pair of Susie's Reading Mitts some years ago. I've knit several pair before and never had this happen. Every now and then I run into these mismatched mitts. I suppose I should fix that little irritation some day. Hope you have a long run with better luck 😉

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