Back in the Groove

Well, all I can say is thank you to the knitterly karma Gods.

The bout of f'd up knits has hopefully passed and I can get back to my regularly scheduled insanity

I think the turning point was Friday night on our way to the hockey game when we were driving past
Great Yarns in Everett and I asked/said they needed to pull over so I could quick run in and buy the size 15 16" circular needle I needed for my Twiggy sleeves.

Turning of the tide.

I think she is taking inventory. It's really the most thorough inspection of my purse she's ever done...
Ran in the store, found the needle, was helped by the wonderful sales person, had a handful of m&m's, signed up for their points program and boom, back in the car on the way to hockey.

Made one 70 Yard Mitt for my friend at the game and it came out perfect.

70 yard mitts in Rowan All Season Cotton

I knit the second one the next night.

So if you need a time lapse on how long it takes to knit a pair of these mitts it goes like this:
Six Beers
Six Periods of Hockey
Four intermissions.
One two year old who likes to search your purse. 

Before that though, on Saturday morning I picked up the sleeve stitches and got to work.
We have one sleeve down, one to go, and some amazing buttons are in the works up in Toronto town by ButtonsbyRobin on Etsy.

So, since my friends mitts came out so well.
My sleeve is knitting up perfectly.
I went back to cast on the third attempt at MY pair of 70 Yard Mitts last night.

Much better result.

The too small one is going in the mistake box until I become friends with someone who only has one very tiny hand...

"move along hooman, nothing to see here, no more pictures of Senor Brown tonight"


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