Preamble Day 2: Thanksgiving Day

This pattern is simple.
I'm sure at this point on Thanksgiving morning you are either sound asleep (west coasters) or lugging the turkey from the fridge only to discover it's still solid as a rock.

Sanity break is here for you...

Take a minute, some scrap yarn, some polyfiber filling and knit yourself a few balls.

That's right, I said Balls.

Why? Because when things get rough, the rough get throwing and what better thing to throw than sweet knit ball.

They won't hurt.
They have a little bounce.
They are soft to the touch.

People love balls.

You relieve some stress so you can get back to stuffing that frozen turkey, and your friends and family keep a safe distance while still being together.

Plus, a lot of people will be amazed at your talent.

You knit a ball!

Oh, Balls! can be found here 
It's a freebie and like I said, only uses a little bit of scraps

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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